Sunday, November 28, 2010

No complaints...just look at the ceiling.

Beginning the day.
good music
clear sky
good memories

:: Studio is bumpin' ::

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Adventure into the Elks Time Warp

It was a gamble. Neither of us had done this show before, in the local Elks Lodge.
And having no grandparents left myself, I was rather excited to be drenched in Senior domanated territory, it'd been a while. I didn't realize how amazingly entertaining the elderly clubhouse would turn out to be. Having a witness to the chaotic craft fair made all the difference and the time fly. The lovely Maggie of "Button, Button, Who?" joined me for the weekend of many wide-eyed looks, giggling, sneezing and bake sale over indulging. 

I was fetching a piece of stuffing from my car in the parking lot the first day and an elderly couple pulled in near by. The man and woman were quick to exit the car and head toward the building. As she started away from the car the woman said to her husband, "Well I didn't know we were stopping here Dear, I don't even have my eyelashes on. I didn't know and I'm not wearing my eyelashes." He seemed unconcerned with her lack of eyelashes, I'm guessing because she was wearing sunglasses at the time. *Priceless

The first day was slow and yet i felt great with so little sleep. I explored, being drawn by the "Breakfast in Bar" sign. Our table (#48) as it turned out, was literally 10ft. from the bar entrance. If i had been in the mood to drink, I would have been thrilled. From the bargin bake sale table at the entrance to the late-60 style 'Ladies Lounge' this place was filled with the smell of grandma. We (the twins included) hoped Sunday would turn out better with the promised 'after church' crowd.

Sunday started well. A lovely bright sky, a bit cooler than the day prior. Being able to leave out tables set up and covered was a luxury. I rolled out of bed, stopped for 7-11 coffee and headed in. I spent my Sunday finishing up a little going away present. It turned out quiet well, the scarves together make a whole sun, separated (and worn by their owners) each has a sun rise/set. Perfect project to make me smile.

And the moral of the story; 'if you want to get rich off grandmas, you'd better make birdbaths from terracotta pots.'
Till next time,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In the moment....

disappearing lover.....

The craziness that is thought prep.
Current project.....

Entrepreneurial Visual journal pages....

I'm staying busy in my cavern. Lots of thoughts tracing their paths through my mind. There are lots of changes, noticed and unnoticed. But as a whole, i feel better about finding my way around. The weather has been amazing, thunderstorms being my favorite. Autumn has finally decended upon Southern Cali. Friends are picking up and traveling on and i am remaining, to dream of horizons full of mystery. 
Up on the docket for the next month, the website. The business cards turned out amazing, and so next weeks project is hot to trot, website a la professional portfolio.
Then. Then, perhaps i'll be ready to have a real show. I'm changing back to the original direction i started in.
Next..........the story books are time for Christmas this year.
And to leave with a lovely dream, it's almost my favorite time of year......FunnelCake time!!!! oh, and Halloween....
I never want October to leave, and it's already flying by.
Time to get back to work for sure......the clouds hang in waiting just for moi.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

o so HAPPY!

The new cards are IN!!!!

Many thanks buddy!
**happy dance**
Now, back to work....
XoXo manda

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Test Runs

When really i should be falling head first into building stock....but instead i designed some new plush. Fair.

These i made out of suede, legs and arms cotton lightly stuffed. I hand embroidered the faces and added button eyes to suit.
I'm satisfied with them well enough, but i wonder how much smaller and larger i could make them. The story needs to be developed as well. And alas i cannot share any of those details yet. This test run must pass inspection. Then, we'll see.
Ciao for now. Manda

P.s. They all are small enough to fit in my palm. Baby being 1 1/2in.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things on my mind
  • summer to-do
  • new project to start
  • unfinished newness
  • my hair color
  • cacti
  • how to stop thinking about _______
  • riding the bike
  • dedication
This is all. But something is coming.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Blue Sprouting Change

True. April is long gone and here we are at the end of May.
There has been plenty of crazy......Who would have imagined this photo of me in the Vermont woodlands would foreshadow my coming future.
And there was plenty of this in my wake. Lets just say i threw myself into this "rubbish" shoot and called it a day. I find myself now with 8 day of work left and hours building in my studio. Good times are ahead.

The dolls agree,

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring Break Blues

It's true. I finally took the plunge and gave up my machine for a tune up.
It was only about 6 years over due. :-(
I'm just trying to focus on the positives, like how lovely it will run when i get it back.
And how i just recieved 9 bags of cotton quilt batting...and the machine will be
running at its top performance.
What's worse i think is that i am now on spring break and cannot go anywhere
so i am left to wait impatiently for my machine.
Its already been a week, so i'm half way through...

In the mean time, to keep my fingers busy and my mind drowned in some 
episode of 'Dexter', i picked up the jewelry itch again. 
I cranked out nine pairs in just two sessions.
So i'm workin on updating the shop and letting my brain mull about
on new ideas....


Monday, February 15, 2010

The Next Step


Ebb & Flow
twilight turning
Today i did taxes and am spending the evening soakin in inspiration.
I'm just unsure as to what to do next.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Year of the Metal Tiger

This time last year was different. I lived in an awful apartment that we were forced to move into. We lost a lot last year, including each other. But everything happens for reasons we may not wish to accept up front. I have sprouted new roots unto myself. I am re-learning how to walk this planet in conjunction with my own solidarity. There fore, today i am unfolding the past 365 days of creation. This is where i was and where i am now. Big differences. Emotional to say the least.


March 2009

April 2009 Nothing...Into May 2009

June 2009


July 2009



August 2009.... moving again...this time home.

September 2009



October 2009


November 2009



December 2009


And we cross over to January 2010


And up till today.....

And it is done, this year of the Ox. I feel my progression moving in a swift upward movement.....I am happy for the moment, learning how to enjoy being alone again.
I am fiercely attacking my future this year.
Happy New Year!