Sunday, November 07, 2010

Adventure into the Elks Time Warp

It was a gamble. Neither of us had done this show before, in the local Elks Lodge.
And having no grandparents left myself, I was rather excited to be drenched in Senior domanated territory, it'd been a while. I didn't realize how amazingly entertaining the elderly clubhouse would turn out to be. Having a witness to the chaotic craft fair made all the difference and the time fly. The lovely Maggie of "Button, Button, Who?" joined me for the weekend of many wide-eyed looks, giggling, sneezing and bake sale over indulging. 

I was fetching a piece of stuffing from my car in the parking lot the first day and an elderly couple pulled in near by. The man and woman were quick to exit the car and head toward the building. As she started away from the car the woman said to her husband, "Well I didn't know we were stopping here Dear, I don't even have my eyelashes on. I didn't know and I'm not wearing my eyelashes." He seemed unconcerned with her lack of eyelashes, I'm guessing because she was wearing sunglasses at the time. *Priceless

The first day was slow and yet i felt great with so little sleep. I explored, being drawn by the "Breakfast in Bar" sign. Our table (#48) as it turned out, was literally 10ft. from the bar entrance. If i had been in the mood to drink, I would have been thrilled. From the bargin bake sale table at the entrance to the late-60 style 'Ladies Lounge' this place was filled with the smell of grandma. We (the twins included) hoped Sunday would turn out better with the promised 'after church' crowd.

Sunday started well. A lovely bright sky, a bit cooler than the day prior. Being able to leave out tables set up and covered was a luxury. I rolled out of bed, stopped for 7-11 coffee and headed in. I spent my Sunday finishing up a little going away present. It turned out quiet well, the scarves together make a whole sun, separated (and worn by their owners) each has a sun rise/set. Perfect project to make me smile.

And the moral of the story; 'if you want to get rich off grandmas, you'd better make birdbaths from terracotta pots.'
Till next time,

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ButtonButtonWho! said...

That is pretty much the most accurate description of our weekend possible!