Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Year of the Metal Tiger

This time last year was different. I lived in an awful apartment that we were forced to move into. We lost a lot last year, including each other. But everything happens for reasons we may not wish to accept up front. I have sprouted new roots unto myself. I am re-learning how to walk this planet in conjunction with my own solidarity. There fore, today i am unfolding the past 365 days of creation. This is where i was and where i am now. Big differences. Emotional to say the least.


March 2009

April 2009 Nothing...Into May 2009

June 2009


July 2009



August 2009.... moving again...this time home.

September 2009



October 2009


November 2009



December 2009


And we cross over to January 2010


And up till today.....

And it is done, this year of the Ox. I feel my progression moving in a swift upward movement.....I am happy for the moment, learning how to enjoy being alone again.
I am fiercely attacking my future this year.
Happy New Year!

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Griselda said...

Wonderful work...! Great style.